Western Heritage Parking Garage

1400 Gendy St. - 2010

  • Western Heritage Parking Garage
    Western Heritage Parking Garage

The City of Fort Worth commissioned architects Gideon Toal (now Bennett Partnerst) to design a seven story parking garage that blends in with the existing buildings in the Cultural District.  Some unique parts of the building are the mosaic tile murals and the elevator and stairwell towers that allow light to enter those spaces.  The mosaics blend in well with the mosaic tile present on the 1936 Will Rogers Auditorium and Coliseum.  The Cattle Barns from various dates also have mosaic tile on their front facades.  The facade was designed to conceal the parked cars as much as possible, yet keep the facade open enough to avoid mechanical ventilation of the garage.  The garage also uses alternating materials and planes to further break up the facades.   



Architectural Style:
Post Modern

Gideon/Toal, now Bennett Partners, Fort Worth

Parking Garage