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Crockett Row at West 7th

2800-3000 W. 7th St., 2800-3000 Crockett St. - 2009-2012


Slated as an "Urban Village", this trendy new development of 900,000 square feet spans between Montgomery Plaza and the Cultural District.  The development was designed by Good Fulton & Farrell of Dallas.  Most of the project is constructed on the former site of the Acme Brick Headquarters.  Before redevelopment, most of this area consisted of run down industrial buildings and some old automobile dealerships. Although primarily situated on the south side of West 7th Street, a few parcels are on the north side.  These parcels have been developed with free-standing buildings for In-N-Out Burger, Sovereign Bank, and a retail structure. The development is mixed use, featuring an office building, ground floor retail with apartments above, and parking garages. 

The main street of the development, where most of the buildings face, is Crockett Street, one block south of West 7th.  The heart of the development at Crockett and Currie Streets, features a circular intersection with the buildings forming the same circular edge at the street.  The block bounded by West 7th, Foch, Crockett, and Currie Streets is the only block where there is no residential component.  A 7 story office building sits at the southwest corner of West 7th and Foch and is one of the centerpieces of the development.  This office building has been named One West 7th.  Within this block are retail shops fronting 7th and Currie Streets. The parking garage is located along Crockett and Foch Streets. The largest tenant on the first level is LA Fitness.  Above that is the Movie Tavern, with their entrance facing Crockett & Currie. This city block was completed as part of the first phase, and it opened in 2009. 

The next block to the west, bounded by West 7th, Currie, Crockett, and Norwood was also completed as a part of the first phase in 2009.  This block features ground floor retail, and four stories of apartments above.  The apartments are called The Lofts at West 7th.  The parking garage is entered from the side street, but the upper levels are actually oriented toward Crockett Street.  The facade of the garage is disguised along 7th Street.  The Social House is a 5,000 square foot restaurant located in this block, and it is oriented toward the intersection of Currie and Crockett.  Other restaurants in this block are Mash'd, and Bar Louie.

The block immediately to the south of this one, bounded by Crockett, Currie, Morton, and Norwood Streets was also completed as a part of the first phase.  The prime corner spot at Crockett and Currie is currently vacant.  Fireside Pies, and Terra Mediteranean Grill are the other restaurants located on this block.  Half of this building is five stories and the other half is four stories. 

Phase Two has been constructed on most of the block bounded by Crockett, Foch, Morton, and Currie Streets.  The building and the parking garage now surrounds Fred's Texas Cafe on two sides.  This building has ground floor retail and apartments above.  The building opened in late 2011.  The original master plan called for a hotel to be constructed on this block.  The retail tenant in this building is the Cork & Pig Tavern.

In late 2011, Phase Three was started.  It sits on the block bounded by West 7th, Norwood, Crockett, and University Drive.  It has more retail and apartments.  The retail tenants in this building include Kona Grill.  The original master plan called for the Two West 7th Office Building to be constructed on this block. 


Additional Photographs:
Looking north along Norwood Street
Crockett Street
Light Sculpture at Crockett & Currie


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