Bell Lancaster

2901 Bledsoe St. - 2013

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    Bell Lancaster


The Lancaster


This is a 253 unit apartment complex constructed on the block bounded by Lancaster Avenue, Norwood, Bledsoe, and Currie.  The units offer panoramic views of Downtown and the Cultural District.  Parking for the units is handled by a garage that is entered from Lancaster, but is sandwiched between two apartment buildings.  The apartments surround this garage on all three sides.  There are two courtyards in the complex.  One has a swimming pool, and the other has a garden with a water feature.  The primary materials on the complex are brick and stucco.  The architect was JHP Architecture/Urban Design.  Across Bledsoe Street, is the White Buffalo, a 63 unit, exclusive, boutique style complex.


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Architectural Style:

JHP Architecture/Urban Design, Dallas