Veritex Bank

2800 W. 7th St. - 2008

  • Vertitex Bank
    Veritex Bank

This branch bank is a free standing building, yet is a part of the Crockett Row at West 7th development.  It actually sits across West 7th Street from the main portion of the urban village.  Although the building features a clerestory banking hall, the branch matches the materials of the buildings across the street.  In addition to the clerestory, the banking hall features a sloped roof and a corner entry facing 7th and Foch Streets.  Schwarz-Hanson Architects of Fort Worth designed the building with a drive thru oriented to the west side of the structure.  The building was placed on the site to be as close to the intersection as possible.



Architectural Style:

Schwarz-Hanson, Fort Worth