Fort Worth Community Arts Center

1300 Gendy St. - 1954; Scott Theater - 1966; 1974

  • Fort Worth Community Arts Center
    Fort Worth Community Arts Center

Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth
Fort Worth Art Museum
Fort Worth Art Center


In 1950, the Fort Worth City Council sold $800,000 in bonds to build a children's museum and an art museum on the West Side of the Will Rogers Complex.  Architect Herbert Bayer designed the building for the Fort Worth Art Center.  It opened in 1954.  In 1966, the William Edrington Scott Theater opened adjacent to the museum. It was designed by Joseph R. Pelich. The museum continued to grow and required another addition in 1974.  This addition added gallery space on the east and south sides of the building.  It was designed by O'Neill Ford and Associates.  At that time, the museum changed its name to the Fort Worth Art Museum.  In 1987, the musuem changes names again to the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth.  By 1996, the museum had outgrown the building and purchased another property to build their new home.  In 2002, the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worthopened a new building in Fort Worth's Cultural District.  At that time, the current building became the home of the Fort Worth Community Arts Center, a center for all of the community. 

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Architectural Style:

Herbert Bayer, Aspen

Scott Theater Architect:
Joseph R. Pelich, Fort Worth with Donald Oenslager, Theater Designer, New York

1974 Addition Architect:
O'Neill Ford and Associates, San Antonio

Museum/Art Gallery/Theater