Architecture in Fort Worth



Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

3200 Darnell St. - 2002


The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth is the oldest art museum in Texas. Over the years, it has been housed in various buildings within the city. The newest museum building opened at the intersection of Camp Bowie and University on December 14, 2002. Designed by Tadao Ando, this concrete and glass museum features dramatic views of the Fort Worth skyline sitting above a reflecting pool. The design of the building features soaring concrete cantilevered roof slabs supported by "Y" shaped columns. Below the roof slabs are curtain walls rising 40 feet that enclose the sculpture galleries. A series of baffled skylights and clerestories allow light into the art galleries. The new museum facility is four times larger than the old one, which was located at Lancaster Ave. and Montgomery St. The old museum has now become the Fort Worth Community Arts Center. This museum building may eventually rival the Kimbell as one of Fort Worth's architectural masterpieces. Kendall-Heaton Associates are the Architect of Record and Linbeck Construction was the contractor.

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