Fort Worth Japanese Garden

3220 Botanic Garden Dr. - 1973

  • Fort Worth Japanese Garden Gate
    Fort Worth Japanese Garden Gate

The Japanese Garden was designed from 7 acres within the Botanic Gardens site.  The area was once a gravel pit and the garden utilizes the feature and also uses some of the stone and vegetation that was present.  A serpentine path guides visitors to each area within the garden. With the recent changes at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens, the Japanese Garden has been incorporated into the facility and the admission fee to the main garden includes the Japanese Garden.  The garden was designed by Kingsley Wu and it opened in 1973.  The Main Gate was designed by Fort Worth Architect Albert S. Komatsu & Associates.

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Architectural Style:

Landscape Architect:
Kingsley Wu

Albert S. Komatsu and Associates, Fort Worth