Foch Street Warehouses

821-1079 Foch St. - 1948-49; 1950-52

  • Foch Street Warehouses Building 1
    Foch Street Warehouses Building 1
  • Foch Street Warehouses Building 2
    Foch Street Warehouses Building 2
  • Chimy's Neon Sign on Building 3
    Chimy's Neon Sign on Building 3

Fort Worth's Leonard Family started construction on the first two buildings in 1946 and 1947 and they were completed in 1948-49.  These buildings featured concrete columns and walls with concrete double T's for the roof structure.  When completed, the buildings were sprinkled for fire protection.   Buildings 1 and 2 were constructed in a linear fashion along Foch Street, with the southern building starting first.  Between 1950 and 1952, a smaller third building was constructed in two phases behind the second.  Tenants, over the years have included many Fort Worth-based companies including: Leonard’s Farm & Ranch Store, Williamson Dickie Manufacturing, Montgomery Ward & Co, Tandy Mart, Tandy Crafts, Tandy Leather, Merribee Needlecraft, Radio Shack, Bombay Company, and GST Manufacturing (formerly Clemens Sheet Metal).

Building 1, was renovated in 2002 and it features 70,000 square feet of lease space.  The concrete walls along Foch were removed and a recessed walkway was constructed behind the building's facade with aluminum and glass storefronts.  Awnings were placed on the facade.  At the current time, an eclectic mix of tenants are in this building.  The most notable are La Famila Mexican Restaurant and Colonel's Bicycles.

Building 3, consisting of only 14,000 square feet was renovated in 2005.  This was built as a peanut processing and storage warehouse along the rail spur that ran between the buildings.  The southern portion curves to follow what was the rail spur.  Chimy's Cerveceria occupies the northern end of the building with an outdoor patio.  Chimy's is located where the drive between Buildings 1 and 2 allow for visibility of the restaurant's neon sign. The redevelopment of both buildings was by James R. Harris Partners, project led by Lee Nichol.  The architect was Robert Kelly. 

Building 2, the longtime home of GST Manufacturing, was renovated in 2012.  The redevelopment work was done by Presidio Interests, who also served as development partner. The architect for this building was Bennett Benner Partners. The General Contractor was Fort Construction. In order to provide more parking and better visibility, portions of this warehouse were demolished to provide the current layout of the lease spaces.  This building is 53,000 square feet with Reservoir Bar/Patio/Kitchen as one of the main tenants.

The entire complex was owned and managed by an affiliate of James R. Harris Partners.  However, in late 2015, the project was sold to a partnership managed by Pegasus Ablon of Dallas.


Architectural Style:

Former Warehouse/Office/Retail