Farrington Field

1501 University Dr. - 1939

  • Farington Field
    Farrington Field
  • North Gate of Farington Field
    North Gate of Farrington Field
  • West Stands of Farington Field
    West Stands of Farrington Field
  • East Stands of Farington Field
    East Stands of Farrington Field

Historic Designation:
National Register of Historic Places


This 20,000 seat public school district stadium for football and track was designed by Preston M. Geren. General Construction Co. of Fort Worth was the contractor.  The facility is Art Deco styled and was named in memory of E.S. Farrington, a long time superintendent of the Fort Worth Independent School District.  The west grandstand facade fronting on University Drive features a monumental central bay.  The columns are fluted and the capitals have stars on them.  There are also panels that depict athletes.  Additional Art Deco detailing can be found in the ticket booths and on the concrete piers of the decorative fence that encircle the facility.


Architectural Style:
Art Deco

Preston M. Geren, Fort Worth

General Construction Co., Fort Worth