Equestrian Multi-Purpose Building

1591 University Dr. - 2012

  • Equestrian Multi-Purpose Building
    Equestrian Multi-Purpose Building

Hahnfeld, Hoffer, Stanford designed this multi-purpose building to house up to 740 stalls on the lower level and two indoor exercise arenas on the upper level.  The building can also be used for parking vehicles when it is not used for equestrian shows and activities.  The building matches the other Will Rogers structures in both the brick and the cast stone trim.  The building features a large vaulted roof that takes its cues from the Livestock Exhibits Buildings that were constructed between 1936 and 1955.  On the building are seven large mosaic tile murals by Artist Mike Mandel.  These murals are also illuminated at night.


Architectural Style:
Post Modern

Hahnfeld Hoffer Stanford, Fort Worth