Casa Mañana

3101 W. Lancaster Ave. - 1959; addition 2003

  • Casa Mañana
    Casa Mañana

The building, designed by A. George King, features an aluminum geodesic dome designed by Henry Kaiser and Richard Buckminster Fuller.  It was the second building built in the U.S. with a Kaiser dome.  Because of the roundness of the dome, the configuration of the facility was for "theater in the round".  This concept was changed in 2003 by a major renovation project to become a more traditional theater setting.  The renovation provided a modified thrust stage, a new lobby, and new restroom facilities.  Today's Casa Mañana is located on the original site of the theater which held outdoor productions starting in 1936 with the Texas Centennial held on the Cultural District grounds.  Architects for the renovation and addition were Gideon Toal of Fort Worth.


From the Jack White Collection of Historic Fort Worth Photos, University of Texas at Arlington:
Interior photo, Summer 1937
Billy Rose, interior, and exterior
1930's Aerial after a Snow Storm


Architectural Style:



Gideon Toal, Fort Worth


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