Architecture in Fort Worth

Fort Worth Botanic Gardens

3220 Botanic Garden Drive - 1934 (RTHL, NR)


Hare & Hare Landscape Architects of St. Louis were hired by the City of Fort Worth to design an arboretum in what was called Rock Springs Park.  The Fort Worth Botanic Gardens are the oldest in the State of Texas.  One phase of this design was the Rose Garden, which was completed in 1934.  Strongly axial, the plan was inspired by a Renaissance Garden.  The formal garden features a main shelter situated on a hill with terraces and water features cascading down to a larger pool and finally to a smaller shelter located across University Drive on the banks of the Trinity River.  This axis runs is east-west.  The secondary north-south axis features a long pergola with trellises.  The buildings are constructed of sandstone from Palo Pinto County.

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