Architecture in Fort Worth


3204 Camp Bowie Blvd.



This one story retail center features a Spanish Gothic cast stone frieze on three sides and a Mission Styled porch on the east facade and part of the south.  The building is similar in detailing to the Harris Methodist Retail Building located on the northwest corner of S. Henderson and Pennsylvania Ave. It has been recently confirmed that Fort Worth Architect Wyatt C. Hedrick designed that building. It is very likely that Hedrick designed this shopping center, as well. Originally, a companion gas station sat at the end of the triangle facing the intersection of 7th, University, Camp Bowie, and Bailey.  This gas station has been demolished and replaced with a modern service station facility.  The original tenants of this building were Renfro Drug Co., No. 13 and Alexander-Bale of Texas.  The center has since been subdivided into five lease spaces. The Great Outdoors Sandwich Shop is located within the center.