The Cassidy

407 Throckmorton St. - 2014

  • The Cassidy
    The Cassidy

Originally planned to start after the construction was completed on The Westbrook and the Commerce Building, the construction began on The Cassidy in the summer of 2013 before those two buildings opened.  This building has been planned since 1989 when plans were announced for Sundance West. An underground parking garage that connects  under Third Street with foundations to support a 22 story residential building were completed in 1991 with that project.  The name for the building has always been The Cassidy.  The building opened in 2014 with only six stories.  It is the largest of the three Sundance Square buildings built with Sundance Square Plaza and it has about 12,000 square feet of retail space on the ground floor.  The overall size is over 99,000 square feet.  The second through the fifth levels has office space and the top floor of the building has six penthouse apartments that connect into the Sanger Lofts The existing building at the southeast corner of 3rd and Houston was demolished in February 2013 as a part of this project.  Although the building was significantly altered several times, it was constructed in the late 1800's and its facade actually once resembled the neighboring buildings in Sundance Square.  The Throckmorton Street side of the building is red brick with white, cast stone trim.  The Houston Street facade is a completely different style, and is known as the Trust Building. However, access into the Trust Building is from the elevator core located inside The Cassidy. The design architect was David M. Schwarz Architectural Services and the Associate Architects are Fort Worth's Bennett Benner Partners.


Architectural Style:
Post Modern

Davd M. Schwarz Architectural Services, Washington, D.C.

Associate Architect:
Bennett Benner Partners, Fort Worth

Mixed Use Building