FirstCash Plaza

1600 W. 7th St. - 1980; 2001

  • Cash America International from Trinity River
    Cash America International from Trinity River
  • Cash America International at Night
    Cash America International at Night


Cash America International
Empire of America
Tarrant Savings Association

This nine story building was constructed in 1980 on the very western edge of Downtown on the bluff to the Trinity River.  The basement opens out into a small parking area that is adjacent to Forest Park Boulevard.  Across Forest Park is the river itself.  The beginning of the 7th Street Bridge is actually next to the structure.  Part of the property sits on the old channel of the Clear Fork of the Trinity River.  The building itself is turned on a 45 degree angle to the street, thereby maximizing views from the offices.  Originally, the building was constructed for the home of Tarrant Savings Association and the architect was Lawrence D. White & Associates.  Through a series of bank mergers and takeovers the lobby was left vacant.  Cash America International eventually purchased the tower and converted it into their corporate headquarters. 

Then came March 28, 2000 when a tornado of F2 magnitude roared through Downtown Fort Worth.  This building was one of the hardest hit with virtually everything blown out of it.  The original facade consisted of travertine panels, many of which were blown completely off of the building.  Although their home was heavily damaged, Cash America chose to repair the building and stay on 7th Street.  Carter+Burgess were the architects for the refurbishing which enlarged the floor plates slightly.  The redesign of the building put a new two-color granite skin with gray glass.  The entrances and top of the building were adorned with new sun aluminum shading devices.  A new lighting scheme was also designed for the structure with fluorescent lights located in the sunscreen along the parapet.  A parking garage was constructed with the repairs.  Cash America moved back into their building in the fall of 2001. Cash America International and First Cash Pawn merged in 2016. Recently the name of the building has been changed and the signs on the top have also been replaced with the First Cash logo.


Architectural Style:


Original Architect:

Lawrence D. White & Associates

Rehabilitation Architect:

Carter+Burgess, Fort Worth


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