Burnett Plaza

801 Cherry St. - 1983

  • East Facade of Burnett Plaza
    East Facade of Burnett Plaza
  • West Facade of Burnett Plaza
    West Facade of Burnett Plaza
  • Burnett Plaza at Night
    Burnett Plaza at Night

This 40 story, 1,024,627 square foot building is the tallest in Fort Worth at 567 feet and is the city's largest office building. it was constructed on the site of the Medical Arts Building, by Wyatt C. Hedrick. It was designed by Sikes, Jennings, & Kelly Architects from Houston, Texas and Geren Associates from Fort Worth. The building has two distinct facades. The eastern side, facing Burnett Park, resembles the 500 West 7th Building. The western facade features the elevator core of the building as a design element. The First National Bank of Fort Worth planned this building to be their headquarters, but due to changes in the economy and bank takeovers in the early 1980's, the bank never moved into it.  In order to construct this skyscraper, the Medical Arts Building, an 18 story early Fort Worth landmark skyscraper, was demolished. KDFW-TV (Fox 4) and WFAA- TV (Channel 8, ABC) have cameras located on top of the building to show views of the city during their newscasts.  Alonti Deli is in operation on the retail level of the building located in the basement.


Historic Photos from the Jack White Collection, University of Texas at Arlington:
Medical Arts Building and Burnett Park - 1942
Implosion of the Medical Arts Building - 1973

Historic Photos from the UTA Library Digital Galleries:
Medical Arts Building - 1931
1937 Aerial
1938 Aerial
1939 Aerial
Medical Arts and U.S. Courthouse from Electric Building - 1942
Medical Arts Building and Burnett Park - 1942
Medical Arts Building from 10th Street - 1942
Medical Arts Building in Snow - 1947
Medical Arts Building and Burnett Park - 1953
Burnett Plaza Under Construction - 1983

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Architectural Style:

Sikes Jennings Kelly Architects, Houston and Geren Associates, Fort Worth

HCB, Dallas

Office Building