Burk Burnett Building

500 Main St. - 1914; Restored 1981; Lobby Restoration - 1981; 2006

  • Burk Burnett Building from Sundance Square Plaza
    Burk Burnett Building from Sundance Square Plaza

Historic Designations:

National Register of Historic Places
City of Fort Worth Demolition Delay


State National Bank Building


Located in Sundance Square, the 12 story building was designed by Sanguinet & Staats and was one of the city's first skyscrapers. The building is neoclassical in design and it was originally built as the home of the State National Bank. The bank failed in 1915, and shortly thereafter, Samuel Burk Burnett purchased the building.  At that time, it was renamed the Burk Burnett Building. The base of the building is white terra cotta with granite columns on the Main Street facade. The middle of the building is red brick with a terra cotta band string course separating each floor. The top of the building is again white terra cotta with an elaborate cornice. Because it was the tallest building in the city when it was built, the ornamentation continues on the sides of the building that face away from the street. However, the ornamentation is with a different color of brick instead of terra cotta. Buchanan and Miller were the General Contractors.This was the third building designed by Sanguinet & Staats of similar appearance. The Amicable Life Insurance Co. (ALICO) Building in Waco is 22 stories and has a different color scheme. It opened in 1911. The Rand Building in San Antonio is only eight stories, and opened in 1913, but is an almost exact duplicate of the Burk Burnett. The building was restored in 1981 except for the bank lobby.  That space was partially restored in 1984 and has housed a number of retail shops and services since that time.  Worthington National Bank completed the restoration of the bank lobby in 2006, and is now the current ground floor tenant. Offices are located in the remainder of the building.


2000 Photograph of the building from 3rd & Main
2003 Nighttime Photograph from 4th & Main
Construction photograph of building
1914 Photograph of building provided by Acme Brick


Historic Photos from the Jack White Collection, University of Texas at Arlington:
View of Construction Looking Down Main Street

Historic Photos from the UTA Library Special Collections:
Base of Building - 1952


Architectural Style:

Classical Revival


Sanguinet & Staats, Fort Worth


Office Building