Bewley-Ellison House

1301 Summit Ave. - c.1915; 1991; Demolished March 31, 2006

This home was constructed in the Quality Hill neighborhood around 1915 for Edwin Bewley, who operated Bewley Mills.  In 1929, the house was sold to Robert and Margaret Ellison.  Robert Ellison was the son of T.B. Ellison, owner of Ellison's Furniture Company.  Robert purchased the home to be close to his parents, who lived across the street in one the finer homes on the street.  The larger Ellison house was demolished in the 1960's to construct the Summit Office Park.  From the 1940's through the 1960's, the whole neighborhood was either being torn down, or the old homes were converted into office space.  In 1946, after Margaret Ellison passed away, the home was converted into an insurance company.  In 1991, the home was renovated again.  This time, it was painted and interior modifications were made. 

The house was designed in the Prairie Style and features two Tuscan columns on the front porch.  Although smaller than most of the homes in the neighborhood, it is a good example of remaining architecture of the Quality Hill.  There are only seven homes left in this once luxurious residential area of the city.  The house was demolished on March 31, 2006.  Current plans call for a medical clinic to be constructed on the site.

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