Architecture in Fort Worth

The Neil P. at Burnett Park

411 W. 7th St. - 1921 (NR, RTHL)

Formerly the Neil P. Anderson Building


The building, designed by Sanguinet & Staats, was named after Neil P. Anderson who was in the cotton industry. The General Contractor was Wyatt C. Hedrick Construction Co. of Fort Worth.  The 11th floor, a penthouse, features 7 skylights facing true north. This floor was originally used as a cotton exchange showroom. Like many of Sanguinet & Staats' buildings, the corner is a highlighted element. In this case, the northwest corner of the building is rounded. The building also sits on a block where the street grid shifts; therefore, that corner is greater than 90 degrees.  Thomas Reprographics is a ground floor tenant.

Historic Photographs from the Jack White Collection, University of Texas at Arlington:
W. 7th from Burnett Park in 1930