Hunt-Hawes Grocer/Alarm Supply Building

508 E. 7th St. - c.1900

  • Hunt-Hawes Grocer/Alarm Supply from the North
    Hunt-Hawes Grocer/Alarm Supply from the North
  • Hunt-Hawes Grocer/Alarm Supply from the South
    Hunt-Hawes Grocer/Alarm Supply from the South

This early warehouse, constructed around 1900, originally housed the Hunt-Hawes Grocery Co. and may have later been used by Montgomery Ward.  This 5 story warehouse is actually five sided, clipped on the east end by the railroad.  The building is constructed of load bearing red brick walls and the interior structure is constructed entirely of wood.  It shares a common load bearing brick wall with the adjacent Montgomery Ward/Tindall Storage Bldg.  Both structures use a friction held structural system -- meaning the columns and beams all support themselves by gravity.   In order to preserve this building, the Trinity Railway Express commuter rail line passes through the building in a concrete tunnel.  The contract to do build the tunnel was awarded to Beckman Construction Company of Fort Worth.  Beckman also restored the lobby to the Texas & Pacific Railway Terminal and constructed the Intermodal Transportation Center as well.  The upper two floors were left intact with possible uses of retail, restaurant, or a museum. Currently, the building is vacant.



Architectural Style:
Early 20th Century