7-Eleven Store

1401 W. 7th St. - 2002

  • 7-Eleven Store
    Downtown 7-Eleven Store from W. 7th and Summit

This 7-Eleven store was designed to the spirit of the Urban Design Guidelines passed by the Fort Worth City Council.  Although no specific rules were followed, the final design of the building and self serve gas pumps was in response to comments from Downtown Fort Worth, Inc.  The first design faced 7th Street, but was later turned to face Summit Avenue.  At 4,000 square feet, the building is larger than the average 7-Eleven store, which is 3,000 square feet.  The materials that were used on the facade are brick and stone to match the Firestone Apartments and a tower was added on the northeast corner of the building.  Windows are also present along the 7th Street facade and each facade has varying parapet heights.  The self serve gas canopy takes on some of the characteristics of the Firestone Service Center with a stucco face that has a similar architectural relief.  The canopy columns are brick and stone to match the Firestone complex, as well.  In addition to all of these elements, the landscaping for the site is in excess of the city's landscape requirements. 


Architectural Style:



The Dimension Group, Dallas


Muckelroy and Falls, Fort Worth


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