301-11 Houston St. - Reconstructed 1981

  • 301-11 Houston St.
    301-11 Houston St.

The original buildings that were on this site date back to the turn of the century. During the restoration of Sundance Square in 1981, so little of these buildings were determined to be salvageable that only the rear walls facing the alley and the cast iron columns were saved. Most of these storefronts had at least two facades placed over the original brick. Two of the buildings had been damaged so much that it was even difficult to tell how they originally appeared. Those two buildings have murals painted on them by Richard Haas. Between these buildings and the ones on Main Street, the old alley has been converted into courtyard space that features outdoor dining for all of the adjacent restaurants and retail frontage for a few shops. The architect for the reconstruction of the buildings was Thomas E. Woodward & Associates of Dallas. The contractor was Thos. S. Byrne of Fort Worth.



Architectural Style:

Reconstructed Victorian


Thomas S. Woodward & Associates, Dallas


Thos S. Byrne, Fort Worth